Why the past affects you and why it is completely ok.

So.. I am not an expert in how life should be, I am not a life coach, but I can share what I experience in life.

These days there is a lot of information you can find, for now I am talking about spiritual guidances that you can find on the internet, with information that is not always in my opinion right. Saying how you should always feel happy, that you have to feel a purpose, that you should not live in the past and have emotions linked to it.

Everyone is conditioned by experiences, people and circumstances who brought us messages in life whether it was a in your opinion something positive or negative. Try not to label it because it is just an experience where you have learned from and most importantly made you the person who you are today.

Maybe it made you cry, maybe it made you smile, it made you angry or frustrated but you have an emotion linked to it. Now emotion moves us, it makes us take action, you either continue doing something because it makes you feel happy or you stop it because it doesn’t really suit you. And, this is going to change. However you deal with an experience in life, doesn’t mean you will always respond the same towards it.

So why should we ignore the past and emotions if we can use it in a way to experience life in a different way that you have done before? I agree, you don’t want it to consume you in the long run, but don’t let anyone tell you how you should deal with your past. Take how much time you need to figure your own shit out and that doesn’t mean you have to let it take control of you on a daily basis. But cry when you need to, just balance it out with doing something that makes you smile that day! Go to a friend who wants to give you a listening ear if you need it, and balance it out with a good feeling of relief.

Emotions are amazing, feel them, allow them to come up and let them pass by. But for sure don’t hide them or supress them. You are human. You feel, and that is what makes us so special.

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