Being successful..

What does successful means? Does it mean that you have to take that job opportunity you are getting? Or does it mean saying no, because you want something else, but you have not figured out what yet. Or do something else that makes you more happy, but earns less or is less higher on the career ladder?

How often do we look at what makes us happy now? And when do we start looking towards the future and build something? Can we combine the now and future goals?

What does it means to be succesful to you? Does it matter if your succesful is different from anyone else? Will this make you unique?

Do you believe hard enough in yourself to choose your succesful? And what do you need to get to that confidence?

I often wonder why we act the way we act. Why do we behave the way they tell us to behave? We have all the knowledge, we all know we are a bunch of monkies but does this not mean that we have control now? That we can take ownerships or our live and turn it in something that we desire it to be?

How do you find guidance in a world where everything is written out for you but you no longer want? You want something different.. Your gut feeling is telling you that it will be possible, but how? How do you make your dreams reality? How do you make something happen that is not excisting yet?

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