Show yourself

This is her, this is me

This is Nienke, the girl who just wants a simple life, a loving life with lots of smiles and beautiful memories. She loves to walk barefoot and enjoy the little things out of life.

She loves to surround herself by her loved ones, it makes her feel safe and calm. That way she can easily enjoy herself and play a game of cards, or color for hours, she feels complete. She can easily be alone, as long as she knows, she is not really alone..

She wants to be humble, she does not want to climb the big career ladder because she doesn’t want to compete. She loves to see happiness, that’s why she loves to be a teacher and bring joy to kids. She loves to do photography to capture beautiful moments in life.

She doesn’t want to be surrounded by big groups, that’s why she prefers small social gather round with close friends instead of big clubs with way too man people. She wants to have conversations about life, about dreams and get inspired by one another.

She doesn’t always like social media, she has a love/hate affair with it. She doesn’t feel the need to show everyone her whole life, but at the same time, she wants to share happiness and beautiful moments through writing and pictures.

She can be overwhelmed by too many stimulants, too many tasks on her to do list or too many choices that she needs to be made and needs a lot of downtime. But at the same time she wants to make the most out of life and go on the most crazy adventures.

She also has trust, that whenever she needs her downtime and feels like that little girl again that needs her happy space, that she will come out of it again fully recovered and ready for a new adventure

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