The lessons I have learned since I left home

I had the experience that within my darkest and brightest days, my biggest ups and downs, I found my deepest truth.

The days that I couldn’t get out of bed because sadness overwhelmed, forced me to search for something that was going to bring me happiness.

The days my heart was broken forced me to find love deep within myself so I could move on as a stronger person.

The days I felt lonely forced me to be conscious of what I missed in my life.

The days I was lied to, hurt, slapped in the face, were the days I needed to forgive to be able to move on and find peace.

The days I was away from society forced me to find my true self, unconditioned and pure.

The days I was fighting my battle alone, taught me how strong a human person can be

The days I have been away, showed me who is worth fighting for in my life

The hardest lesson I needed to learn, to be able to help myself I needed to be brave enough to show my soft side, my insecurities and accept them knowing that I am working on myself on my phase.

I found my deepest truth, I found me again: A kind and loving person with compassion who shares her lessons with the world in the hope to help someone who needs it. 


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